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Kouvola – South­East Finland. 2 hours from Helsinki.

Repovesi National Park and Aarnikotka Forest Nature Reserve (14 sq. km), which is connected to the National Park, are rugged backwoods dotted by tens of lakes. There is strong history of log floating still present in houses and structures in the area. The area has been a significant water route for millennium and the first signs of the human habitation are from the Stone Age. Repovesi is well known for several rock paintings (4000 - 5000bc) which are accessible by boat or canoe.

The National Park’s landscape is made up of vast uninhabited forests, bold steep faced cliffs and tens of clear lakes and ponds. The Kymenlaakso region’s highest summits are in Repovesi and great differences in altitude mean that hikers are in for a challenge. The reward for climbing to the top of these hills is a magnificent view.

The quiet of the hills and forests may occasionally be disturbed by the wailing gabble of the Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata) as it crosses the lake on its way to its nesting pond. In winter visitors may see tracks left by a lynx (Lynx lynx), a pine marten (Martes martes), a moose (Alces alces) or an otter (Lutra lutra) or snow forms left behind by tetraonids. The Siberian Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans) and owls thrive in the shade of old growth forests. (Source:

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