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The Mäntyharju-Repovesi trail is the choice if you want a longer hike.  Along the way you can see the different stages of forest succession and beautiful scenery with fields and forests. The trail is mainly on forest roads and mountain bike trails. The highlights of the trail are the Pitkäjärvi lean-to, the Linkkumylly mill and the Matkoslampi lean-to with a sauna.

The Mäntyharju-Repovesi hike combined with another trail, for instance Kaakkurin kierros, is a good way to test your gear and fitness for a longer hiking trip in Lapland. The elevation changes test your strength, and the hard trails force you to monitor your feet’s endurance. The limited availability of drinking water forces you to plan your trip well.

Length: 33km
Suitability: 1-2 nights, for beginners, intermediates or for advanced hikers.
Difficulty: Moderate (some elevation changes)


  • Pitkäjärvi: A lake with lots of fish and a rich birdlife. There is also a lean-to.
  • Särkilampi ja Mustalampi: These ponds are in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. The eastern shores of Mustalampi are steep and there is a lean-to at Särkilampi.
  • Kuitinoja: This is an old timber rafting stream. Along it, logs were driven from the back forests to Nuollahti.
  • Nuollamminvuori: It’s a steep climb to the top of the hill, where you see the tree tops and have a view to the lake.
  • Pitkälampi: There are rugged cliffs on the eastern side of this long and narrow lake. The trail goes to top of the Pitkälamminvuori hill where the view to the west is especially beautiful at sunset.
  • Riuttanvuori: From the top of the hill there is a spectacular view to the west and the lakes of Repovesi.

Services along the trail


You can buy supplies and provisions from Mäntyharju. Water bottles can be filled at the ABC gas station. Next fresh water source is the well at the Sammalinen tipi-like hut. Next well is at Olhava in the Repovesi National Park. If you hike via Linkkumylly, you can replenish water there when the owners are present.


  • B&B Pinus (at the start of the trail in Mäntyharju)
  • Uutela lean-to
  • Sammalinen tipi-like hut
  • Pitkäjärvi lean-to
  • Linkkumylly cottages and granaries (sauna)
  • Matkoslampi lean-to (free sauna for hikers)
  • Pitkälampi lean-to
  • Olhava lean-to
  • Pihkapirtti (sauna)
  • Kuutinkämppä (sauna)
  • Saarijärvi cottage (sauna)
  • Karhulahti tipi-like hut


By car

Every GPS will take you to Mäntyharju. You can park your car at Kisala, at the start of the trail.

Address: Liikuntahalli Kisala, Urheilutie 1, 52700 Mäntyharju

Public transport

Mäntyharju is a bit over 2 hours from Helsinki by train.  See timetables for trains.
Some buses stop at Mäntyharju. See timetables for buses.

Getting back

You can take a taxi back to Mäntyharju from the Saarijärvi or the Lapinsalmi park entrance.
There’s a bus going from the park to Kouvola and Mäntyharju once a day during the school year. The summer connection is determined just before the holiday season starts.

Hiker’s taxi Seppo Kettunen

Pickups from any trails. Good local knowledge and ability to transport hiking equipment, including mountain bikes. Bikes are transported in a trailer rack designed specifically for a safe transfer. The taxi has room for 8 people.
Phone: +358 40 522 6167


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